"Paloma Nuñez plays the character with a perfect balance of innocence and experience. She also embodies all the characters in Manuelita’s world. Nuñez transitions from one emotional state to the next with the grace and precision of a figure skater."

                                                             - Mooney on Theatre

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"Paloma Nunez alone among the show’s actors did not seem to be improvising. Her deadpan portrayal of Cersei Lannister, the conniving queen of the Seven Kingdoms, employed the mannerisms of the actor in the television series (Lena Headey) in pursuit of something more productive and humorous than mere mimicry."

                                                  - The Varsity

"Nunez slays it as Aunt Sherrie..."
- The Toronto Star
"..Nuñez is simply a knockout.. "
- Digital Journal
"Nuñez kills it as a mustachioed Mexican guitarist who wails and strums forlornly as “he” looks back on his once-solid relationship with his former lover, Lady America."
- Comedy Network